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Benefit of SEMrush SEO Tools

Written By Nishant Sharma | 23 May 2020

Search engine optimization is a challenge that you shouldn't face without the right tools. With selected SEMrush SEO tools, it is much easier to recognize the errors of a website and to better underline the advantages. When searching for the right SEMrush SEO tools, you have the option of using the free variants on this website.

Backlink Tools

Links also have an impact on the ranking of your website. This applies both to the internal links and to references from external websites to your website. The link to your website shows that it is considered important for people to share the content of your website. There are various tools for managing the links that can help you.

SEO Backlink tool from SEMrush

Even in the free basic version, SEMrush shows for all domains worldwide how many links are currently in their own database. In addition to various metrics, individual link sources can be viewed directly and filtered, analysed by linking domain, link text or link target.


Free quick check of up to 10 keywords on up to 3 Search Engines.

Keyword Tool from


Unfortunately, Google has severely restricted the data for keywords. With this small keyword tool you can access the old (exact data) again.

Simply type in the keyword and off you go. Enjoy!

SEMrush Keyword & Ranking Tools

SEMrush provides you with various tools to optimize the performance of your website, research new keywords and control your link building. Thorough keyword research is part of every SEO strategy.  We present you with useful keyword tools with which you can research new keywords and monitor your existing keyword ranking.


Keyword Research

Smart content marketers speak the language of their target group. With SEMrush, you can quickly and easily find out which words your consumers use and what they are looking for. You will also get new ideas for topics that are important to your target group.

Internal Links

Nobody knows what words he used a year ago or what was said in a transcript. Here SEMrush supports you by showing you the relevant content for internal linking. You can then link these with just a single click. In addition, you will already receive internally linked content and a table with the anchor texts and their relationships.

External Links

It is always good to know which post has how many external links. That is why our SEO tool provides you with a list of all external links. You also get a table with the anchor texts as with the internal links. This way you can always be sure that you have a balanced anchor text ratio.

Keyword Ranking Tool from SEMRUSH

Ranking-SEMrush regularly monitors the position of your website in various search engines on Social Sites.

You can follow the progress in diagrams and evaluations and compare them with your competitors. You will regularly receive detailed evaluations by email as an Excel file.

Check Website Ranking with


With this free ranking tool you can check your website ranking. Simply enter your website and your keyword and click on "Find position". The results are queried live. Have fun! 

SEMrush Ranking Queries - Check Position

Keep Track of your Ranking with SEMrush

A good search engine ranking is necessary for a website to be found online. Around 70% of users find the solution to their problem in the first 10 results of the web search. In search engine optimization, the ranking is therefore of great importance and is the focus of all website editing for most website operators. But how do you actually find out how your search engine ranking is up to date and what support is available in the form of tools for optimizing your website? Ranking is the current position that a website occupies in the search engine for a specific keyword (search term). This means that the website can rank with different keywords and thus take different positions in the search engine.