Written By Nishant Sharma | 15 May 2020

What is advertising?
The organization sells its products to consumers through advertisements and generates revenue. Advertising is a good way to promote products and services.

Why organizations hire advertising agencies?
Advertising agencies specialize in these fields, they are providing full-service for the business to grow and produce publicity. Advertising agencies have too many ways to promote products like print ads, radio and TV commercials, outdoor media, online marketing, events, Exhibitions, etc. Ad agencies have fulfilled the organization's requirements and providing brand solutions.

What is the work of an advertising agency for organizations?
The organizations have been appointed to the ad agency, they will be briefing everything about the organizations and products, now the next step for an ad agency, and they will be the search everything, analyzing the product and take market surveys. What are the challenges they will be facing on Launching for the products and what is the solution? How to grow? How to beat competitors? They will plan everything a strategy for launching the products.

What is ATL marketing and what is the role of an advertising agency?
The Full form of ATL is ABOVE THE LINE, ATL focus on direct communication towards the mass market. ATL Marketing promotes the messages that are untargeted, It's mean they do not have a focus on a specific target group. This is only to inform direct customers of the availability of the product. It's an approach for Marketers to visit stores. Advertising agency makes strategies to help companies reach the right audience and makes brand identification. An advertising agency has lots of platforms to promote by ATL activities like Advertising in Television, newspapers, Digital Marketing, and FM Broadcasts on the country and cities.

What is BTL marketing and what is the role of an advertising agency?
The Full form of BTL is BELOW THE LINE. BTL marketing is totally focused on directed towards specific groups of customers. The strategy is designed keeping in mind the psychological and demographic characteristics of particular customer segments. The communication is highly specialized and the advanced is to attain conversions. The advantage of BTL marketing is the results of the campaigns that can be easily tracked and also a good return on investment is also higher here. An advertising agency helps their clients to provide the services of Outdoor media sides, Billboards, sandwich boards, pamphlets, banners, flyers, SMS Blasts, email Blasts, social media posts, Events, competition, Press conferences, viral marketing, Visual merchandising, retailer pop-ups, sampling, sales promotions.

What is TTL marketing and what is the role of an advertising agency?
The Full form of THROUGH THE LINE. Marketing of TTL is involved in an integrated approach to both of the marketing (ATL and BTL) strategies are combined. The strategy of the holistic view of the market and communicate with customers in every way possible. The presence of both ATL and BTL activities are used here, TTL strategies leading to better brand awareness and brand recall.

An advertising agency is providing 360-degree marketing Solutions to organizations. Print Media, Electronic Media, Outdoor Media, Digital marketing, etc